Bible and Ecology

Proceedings of the Eighth Annual CBAP Convention, 2007
6" x 9" 130 pp. / 200 PhP ($ 6.00 + mailing cost)

+Nature’s Beauty and Turmoil (Felipe Fruto Ll. Ramirez, SJ)
+Bible and Ecology (Cielito Almazan, OFM)
+‘Things too wonderful for me’ (Job 42:3): Job and the New Cosmology (Dianne Bergant, CSA)
+A Re-Reading of the Priestly Creation Story with a Special Consideration of the Hebrew Verbs rdh and kbš in Gen 1:26-28 (Bienvenido Q. Baisas, OFM)
+OT Holy Mountain Ethos and Its NT Transformation (Rafael Dy-Liacco)
+Assembly of Gods and Goddesses and the Fate of Humanity: A Survey of Cuneiform Texts from the Ancient Near East (Randolf C. Flores, SVD)
+‘Kay Yhwh ang Lupa at Kapunuan Nito’ (Awit 24:1-2): Pagsasalin sa Wikang Filipino mula sa Batayang Teksto ng Wikang Hebreo (Martha Gamolo, DC)
+Glory of the Name, Human Kingship, Welfare of Creation: How Does It All Fit Together? A Study on the ‘Son of Adam’ of Psalm 8 (Emmanuel Hirschauer)
+How Do Biblical Scriptures Want to Be Understood? Leading Questions towards an Inner Hermeneutics of the Bible (Dominik Markl, SJ)

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