Bible and Ecology 

Bible and Ecology

Proceedings of the Eighth Annual CBAP Convention, 2007
6" x 9" 130 pp. / 200 PhP ($ 6.00 + mailing cost)

+Nature’s Beauty and Turmoil (Felipe Fruto Ll. Ramirez, SJ)
+Bible and Ecology (Cielito Almazan, OFM)
+‘Things too wonderful for me’ (Job 42:3): Job and the New Cosmology (Dianne Bergant, CSA)
+A Re-Reading of the Priestly Creation Story with a Special Consideration of the Hebrew Verbs rdh and kbš in Gen 1:26-28 (Bienvenido Q. Baisas, OFM)
+OT Holy Mountain Ethos and Its NT Transformation (Rafael Dy-Liacco)
+Assembly of Gods and Goddesses and the Fate of Humanity: A Survey of Cuneiform Texts from the Ancient Near East (Randolf C. Flores, SVD)
+‘Kay Yhwh ang Lupa at Kapunuan Nito’ (Awit 24:1-2): Pagsasalin sa Wikang Filipino mula sa Batayang Teksto ng Wikang Hebreo (Martha Gamolo, DC)
+Glory of the Name, Human Kingship, Welfare of Creation: How Does It All Fit Together? A Study on the ‘Son of Adam’ of Psalm 8 (Emmanuel Hirschauer)
+How Do Biblical Scriptures Want to Be Understood? Leading Questions towards an Inner Hermeneutics of the Bible (Dominik Markl, SJ)

Biblical Perspectives on the Integrity of Creation

Dianne Bergant, CSA
150 PhP ($ 4.00 + mailing cost)
6 x 9 / 48 pp.

+Integrity of All Creation: The Basis for Contemporary Theology and Spirituality.
+The Wisdom Tradition and Creation.
+Out of the Depths I Cry to You, O Lord (Ps 130:1).

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