Biblical Responses to the Poor & Marginalized

Proceedings of the Seventh Annual CBAP Convention, 2006
230 PhP / $ 15.00
6" x 9" / 120 pp.

+In Christ - Incorporation of the Marginalized Gentiles into the Covenant Community (Bernardita Dianzon, FSP)
+Recovering Marginalized Groups in Ancient Israel (Gale A. Yee)
+The Poor and Marginalized in the Gospel of John (Miriam Alejabdrino, OSB)
+From Marginalization to Inclusion (Bienvenido Q. Baisas, OFM)
+Eschatology and Ethics in the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians (Renato Repole, SJ)
+Purity of Heart - Christ’s Fundamental Demand on a Persecuted Community, Matthew 5:3-11(12-16) (Leander V. Barrot, OAR)
+Polytheism in Ancient Israel: The Archaeological Evidence (Rustam C. Sabularse)

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